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A haunting poem describing a life eclipsed is the basis for this short collage film. Utilizing old NASA and science films inter-woven with original footage, the film’s enigmatic images trail the path of the poem, creating a film about a unique kind of loss. The often-controversial subject of a woman’s right to choose is depicted from a perspective that is pointedly more personal than political.

selected screenings:
Honorable Mention – 2004 Ann Arbor Film Festival (USA)
2003 International Short + Independent Film Festival Dhaka (Bangladesh)
2004 Images Festival (Toronto)

Principle credits:
produced& directed by Chel White
based on a poem by Christine M. Toth
photography – Mark Eifert, Chel White
editor – Kelly McClean
music– Chel White
voice – Ritah Parrish
cast – Michelle Denker