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“(Magda) is a love story so beautiful and incredibly touching in its simplicity… it’s a real gem of untarnished beauty.”
-Serafima Serafimova, Short of the Week

“Wooden-limbed contortionists, hard-bitten narration and a cabaret aesthetic intersect in this truly astounding short film about show business’ inability to convey authentic experience. Plain wooden faces seem to burst with emotion, and evocative klezmer music echoes through tight alleyways as love and loss transpire under the big top.”
-Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival

“Love, obsession, destruction…and a circus contortionist!
Beautifully shot and perversely bittersweet…”
-Matthew Curtis, Florida Film Festival

A first love is corrupted as a man recalls his affair with a beautiful circus contortionist in this stop-motion animation of wooden manikins. At its heart, Magda is an off-center parable about lost innocence and the corruptibility of human nature. Visually, the film explores the use of extreme telephoto lenses, creating enigmatic scenes that reveal themselves over time, and ghostly figures drifting in-and-out of focus. Magda is filmmaker Chel White’s third adaptation of a story by radio artist and writer Joe Frank. (The previous films are “Dirt” and “Soulmate”.)

World Premiere – 2004 Rotterdam International Film Festival
Grand Jury Prize for Best Animated Short – 2004 Florida Film Festival
North American Premiere – 2004 Portland International Film Festival
Official Jury Selection – 2004 Seattle International Film Festival
Official Jury Selection – 2004 Slamdance Film Festival

principal credits:
produced& directed by Chel White
written& narrated by Joe Frank
director of photography – Mark Eifert
music – Courtney Von Drehle
art director – BartekPrusiewicz
edited by Steven Miller &Chel White
sound design – Lance Limbocker
animated by – Jeff Riley
café scene animation – Teresa Drilling

See listing on IMDB.