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Eerie, erotic, and touching, Soulmate is a complex study of alienation and sexual obsession. Told from the point-of-view of a 55-year old woman, it explores longing and objectification through the unconventional story of a landlady and her younger male tenant. Soulmate is based on a story by National Public Radio personality Joe Frank, known for his highly original radio plays.

“Soulmate is a wonderful and surprisingly touching film, with rich and subtle content that slowly reveals it’s true self.”
-Howard Aaron, curator

“A bold and unsettling film, with chilling acuity, confronts sexual loneliness or rather allows it to confront us.”
-Todd Haynes

“A creepily evocative number about voyeurism and obsession in a this-old-boarding-house whose proprietor (Vana O’Brien) gets ideas after one rummage too many through her tenant’s stuff. Writer Joe Frank’s story sneaks up on you like a slow-building shiver, thanks in large measure to Chel White’s deliberate, moody direction and a neatly unsettling turn by O’Brien as the nice, quiet landlady you never quite figure out until it’s too late..”
Andy Markowitz, Baltimore City Paper

“Further evidence of (Chel White’s) sneaky craft – a combination of precise staging, eerie music, faux antique footage and an assured yet dreamy tone.”
-Shawn Levy, The Oregonian

“An intense, intimate and recognizable depiction of devastating loneliness and silent lives.”
-Christopher McQuain, Willamette Week

“Outstanding realism. It’s unresolved, unrequited love tends to be the type that exists in our world today… One of the few films that is really worth going out of your way to see.”
-James Brundage, ShortStuff

“An intimate, surprisingly compassionate portrait of adult love.”
-Nantucket Film Festival

Official Selection – 2001 London International Film Festival.
Best Narrative Film & Audience Award – 2000 Northwest Film Festival.
Best Narrative Film & Best Actress – 2001 Big Muddy Film Festival.
Jury Prize – 2001 Ann Arbor Film Festival
Director’s Award – 2001 Black Maria Film Festival.
Official Selection – 2001 Florida Film Festival.

Principle credits:
directed & produced by Chel White
written by Joe Frank
director of photography – Mark Eifert
editor – Cam Williams
art director – Malia Jensen
sound design – Lance Limbocker
noise – Daniel Menche
land lady – Vana OBrien
tenant – Randy Russell
fetish models – Teresa Dulce & Gina Velour

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