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Based on a one-hundred-year-old poem by the Spanish poet Antonio Machado, “Wind” is an allegorical perspective on climate change.In recent years, a number of films have been made on the topic of global climate change, but few have addressed the issue from a poetic perspective.

“Wind” is constructed with Machado‚Äôs poem as the film’s nucleus, book-ended by montages of astonishing time-lapse sequences by photographer Mark Eifert. In the film, scenes of the earth, weather, and human interaction, both negative and positive, dominate the film’s imagery. The music consists of a lesser-known piece by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, with solo piano played by Thomas Lauderdale (of Pink Martini.)

Though written in the early 20th century, the Machado poem is particularly poignant today, bearing an uncanny relevance for climate change and planet stewardship. This film was commissioned by the environmental organization Live Earth and Al Gore, and is narrated by Alec Baldwin.

Opening Night Program – 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.
Special Program – 2007 Los Angeles Film Festival.

principal credits:
directed by Chel White
based on a poem by Antonio Machado
translated to English by Robert Bly
director of photography – Mark Eifert
editor – Kelly McClean
solo piano – Thomas Lauderdale
producer – Tsui Ling Toomer
project coordinator – Kara Place
executive producers – Dilly Gent, Ray Di Carlo, Chel white
narrated by Alec Baldwin


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